A One Day Workshop

If you want to better manage both the expected and unexpected challenges and demands of life then the Building Personal Resilience workshop may be for you.

With seemingly ever-increasing expectations on individuals to do more and be more, and constant change all around, many are feeling the pressure.

Building your Personal Resilience is about building your recuperative power, your ability to bounce back from setbacks quicker and to manage better those situations and encounters that previously knocked you back. It is also about taking back the control we too easily give away.

On this engaging one-day course you will learn practical skills to identify and manage your resilience so that you can grow and develop through the pressures and challenges of life.

We are all individuals and ‘one size does not fit all’. This workshop is very much about you and your resilience. It offers a number of tools for building resilience so that you can take those that fit you best whilst also gaining an insight into how others may manage their resilience.


  • Practical tools to make real changes to improve your resilience
  • A recognition of choices - which leads to empowerment
  • Increased control of the pressures
  • A better and balanced perspective on managing demands 
  • Increased understanding of stress and its impact; the interaction between the mind and the body 
  • Identify default behaviours/responses and how to change them
  • Explore practical and realistic tools to build your own and others’ resilience and productivity
  • Have fun whilst learning and working with others

Take Aways

  • Understand what resilience is and what it is not, developing an understanding of stress, resilience and solutions
  • Identify your strengths in relation to resilience
  • Recognition of factors that impinge on your own and other’s resilience
  • Managing your own part in reducing or increasing the pressures on you – what is and is not within your control
  • Understand the potential impact of a lack of personal resilience and wellbeing
  • Recognise what happens physically when under immediate and prolonged pressure
  • Explore the interaction between the mind and the body and personal resilience
  • Spot your default behaviours/responses and how to change them
  • Identify and explore practical and realistic tools to build your own resilience
  • Learn ways to support others who are under pressure
  • Have fun whilst working with others

The Trainer

Joanna Young Mst (Cantab), MBA, Cert Ed, Certificate in Coaching, MBTI Practitioner.

Through her previous career, life experiences and her ongoing continuing professional development and research, Joanna has learned the value and importance of building personal resilience and what really works. Since April 2015, Joanna has delivered numerous resilience building workshops and sessions to hundreds of senior managers, team leaders and all female groups. All her work to date has been through recommendation and she is frequently described as ‘inspirational’.

Joanna became a police officer at a time when women were very much a minority in the Metropolitan Police. With a clear sense of purpose, strong values and an inner strength she managed to thrive rather than conform in a complex and challenging environment for over 30 years. She was a successful and accomplished leader significantly influencing policing nationally, was regarded by many as a role model and received a national leadership award having been nominated by her peers.

Despite her commitment and determination it has not always been easy. As a mother of three children, and at one time a single parent of two small children, she is well aware of the inner and outer conflict trying to balance work and home can create. Likewise, Joanna has experienced many of the factors that can knock you off your feet when you least expect; such as health, bereavement or a financial crisis and the impact they can have on your resilience and well-being. Joanna spent much of her police career leading, supporting and developing others through such challenging times and building other’s and her own personal resilience.

As well as building a successful career and raising three children she also found time to undertake academic study and values solutions based on research and evidence. Due to her love of learning and development she set up her own business in 2015 and now designs and delivers leadership training and other development programmes including Coaching and Resilience Building.

She remains committed to life-long learning and continues to invest in her own development through coaching and therapy as well as research, reading and professional courses.

Resilience Workshop with Joanna Young
When 9.30 am - 5 pm on Friday, 13th October, 2017
Where The Highbury Venue, Islington, London. N1 2PB
Fee £150 + VAT
Booking Please call the office on +44 (0)20 8541 1313 to book your place, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or use the form below

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