OnlineTA 202 Masterclass

Workshop running 5th April 2024

What is Transactional Analysis?

TA is described by the ITAA as ‘a theory of personality and a systematic psychotherapy for personal growth and change’.

To flesh this out, we can say that Transactional Analysis is:

  • A theory of human development, personality and communication
  • A set of interlocking concepts which can be understood and applied for personal change
  • An easily accessible language to describe and understand experience and behaviour
  • A set of concepts enabling people to readily understand and integrate the concepts into their lived experience.

The philosophical basis states that:

  • As human beings, all people are intrinsically OK, even though their behaviour may not be
  • People can think for themselves and take responsibility to make their own choices
  • People have an innate urge to grow, develop themselves and make new decisions about their lives

Making new meaning - noticing liminal moments as opportunities for change...

This online two day workshop, building on the TA 101, will deepen your TA understanding of how people can continue to make new meaning of who they are in the world. As agents of change, learn how to spot the key moments of potential change and use them to their full potential. There will be time for trying out the application of these tools with clients as well as time for self reflection. You will learn different ways of thinking about change with your clients, as well as explore deepening your relationship with yourself.


Participants will:

  • explore the concept of liminality and its paradox of discomfort and gift.
  • understand humans’ urge to develop (physis) as ongoing learning cycles.
  • be able to use the Triangle of Human Hungers to help clients recognise and own their unique strengths as well as understand individual job satisfaction and team dynamics.
  • be able to use the Permission Wheel to gauge areas of development in clients and cocreate permissions for change.
  • recognise and work with clues to moments of change - script signals, tangential transactions, and discounting.
  • practise a tool to help people recognise where they are stuck and work to change things - Steps to Success.
  • understand how to invite people to cross the Transformation Line and shift in their minds from passive (taking in information) to active (integrating the information and living in new ways) as they develop and integrate change.
  • experiment how working with metaphor and image can impact deeply held, pre-verbal beliefs.
  • understand a model considering how three dimensional power and OKness can be be used either to maintain the status quo, or to become transformational.
  • understand how coaching is therapeutic but not therapy, and explore the Comparative Script System as a way of conceptualising here and now therapeutic change.
  • experience deepening their own sense of groundedness and presence in liminal moments, to be the safe container for clients’ change.

Your Facilitator

Karen Pratt  PCC, TSTA (E)

Please view Karen's biography on our 'About Us' page.


2024 - Online
Time 9am to 5pm (UK)
Dates Spring Cohort - April 5th and 6th
Autumn Cohort - October 25th and 26th 
Platform Zoom
CCEUs 11 in Core Competencies and 1 in Resource Development 
Language UK English
Fee £295 + VAT  - A discounted rate of £500 + VAT applies if booking the TA 101 and TA 202 together.
Booking Please call the office on +44 (0)20 8541 1313 to book your place or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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