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Transactional Analysis to Make a Change


We are pleased to offer a programme for professionals who want to develop a ‘deeper’ approach to their work and to have a more psychological understanding of themselves, the people and the processes they work with. This programme will be of interest to a diverse range of professionals including coaches, counsellors, consultants, HR and OD Managers. The model we use for this is Transactional Analysis, or TA as it is more commonly known. It both a theory of personality and a system for the improvement of personal and social functioning which belongs to the humanistic tradition.

TA provides a systematic approach to understanding the links between human needs and behaviours, and the ways that organisations and those within them are effective or ineffective in establishing relationships, solving problems, serving their clients and stakeholders.  TA is a robust psychological framework for developing individuals, teams and whole organisations.

TA supplements and supports coaching. It offers a robust set of integrated theories that enrich coaching practice without getting in the way of the immediacy of the coaching process.  The theories of TA can be used to help the coach understand their own attitudes and reframe their identity.  The accessible TA models support the professional’s work with clients to promote growth, development and change.

This 18-day programme, 12 of which will be tutor-led, will be a rich blend of theory and its practical application. Participants will have ample opportunities to transfer the theories to practice and to consider how they might apply TA within the context of their own lives and their professional assignments.  It is in two parts: ‘working with one’ and ‘working with many’. Each consists of three 3-day modules, of which 2 days are taught and 1 is reserved for project and group work. We will be applying to the ICF for CCE recognition of the programme and to the ILM for separate certifications.


Students will be issued with a certificate of attendance which shows the number of taught hours they have received. Any student who is interested in pursuing a qualification should speak to one of the tutors. Qualifications in TA follow a lengthy and rigorous process and it is important that the student does not use the term Transactional Analyst because this programme does not qualify them to do so.


The workshop leaders are Colin Brett and Sandra Wilson.  Colin and Sandra are both internationally accredited Teaching & Supervising Transactional Analysts in the Organisational field of TA. Both are qualified, experienced coaches who hold credentials from the International Coach Federation.  In addition to their credentials in TA and Coaching, they both bring significant experience from the professional world of personal change, consulting and organisation development.  For further information please refer to our Trainer page.

Colin Brett BA (Hons), MA, MSc, MA, MAPPCP, TSTA(O), PCC, BACP Senior Practitioner

Dr Sandra Wilson (DProf Coaching Psychology), MProf, MA, BA, MCC (ICF)


 TA One-to-one: Personal development, raising awareness and making choices

Modules Topic
September 11 & 12 2020 + practice day by arrangement TA Core Themes and What relationships do you typically create?
October 16 & 17 2020 +  practice day by arrangement Aspects of Identity – Who do we think we are and who are we?
November 20 & 21 2020 + practice day by arrangement Autonomy and the Growing Edge – Unpacking and lightening our load

TA One-to-many: Understanding and working with interpersonal dynamics

Modules Topic
March 19 & 20 2021 + practice day by arrangement TA Core Themes and Groups and Teams
April 23 & 24 2021 + practice day by arrangement Interpersonal Dynamics and Systems Thinking
May 21 & 22 2021 + practice day by arrangement Organisations and the Three Intelligences


This programme has been revised and we're very pleased to offer an introductory rate of £2,700 + VAT  

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