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(Part II Diploma in Coaching) - Beginning 9th September 2024

An Overview

Coaching Development’s Developing Mastery course forms the second part (Part ll) of the Diploma in Coaching and is open to graduates of Coaching Development’s Professional Coaching Skills (Part I of the Diploma in Coaching). Developing Mastery is a distance-learning programme offering a combination of new models and theories of coaching, group discussion, one-to-one and group mentoring and developmental conversations. 

The Programme

Participants will benefit from:

  • Belonging to a supportive peer group;
  • 10 monthly webinars;
  • Further CPD webinars;
  • 6 one-to-one mentor coaching hours focusing on the PCC Markers;
  • 6 hours of group mentor coaching;
  • Triad work and peer coaching;
  • A PCC level assessment process.

Successful completion of the full Diploma in Coaching (Part I Professional Coaching Skills and Part II Developing Mastery) will enable you to apply for an ICF credential at ACC or PCC level via the ACTP route without having to take further skill-based assessments (NB. You will still need to pass the ICF’s internal ethics exam and Coach Knowledge Assessment... Doddle...). 

Key Elements

  • 6 x 1 hour 1-1 mentor coaching sessions working with a senior coach, focusing on how you consistently apply the core competencies at professional coach level. These sessions will be based on discussions of your recorded coaching sessions.
  • Self-managed peer group triads to further deepen and develop coaching experience and skill. 
  • Monthly 2-hour webinars which offer a supportive forum, introduce new thinking, and give impulses for further developing a reflective practice. As this programme is essentially a distance learning experience, the webinars also offer a valuable way of connecting with other fellow journeymen and journeywomen. 
  • Development and maintenance of an active coaching practice in order to accumulate the minimum 100 hours of formal coaching experience required to complete the assessment process.
  • An assessment process comprising 2 recorded submissions and analyses of the PCC Markers.

Timing / Schedule

We recommend that you start Part II Developing Mastery within 12 months of completing Professional Coaching Skills. You can, of course, join later, but we might ask you to arrange some mentor coaching for yourself beforehand to get you up to speed.

We’d expect you to have completed the formal parts of the programme 12 months after starting, and to have taken the assessment within 18 months of starting. We’re open to extending this to 2 years, but not further. 

Developing Mastery runs twice a year beginning in March and September.  


We think supervision is a vital element in the process of becoming a coach. At the moment we do not formally include this in the programme, but we do expect you to arrange regular supervision for yourself. We can recommend a number of trained and qualified coach supervisors who have a compatible philosophy to Coaching Development’s. Please check with us before you arrange supervision for yourself. We suggest that your previous trainer should not be your supervisor (the importance of single roles). 

Entry Requirements

  • Professional Coaching Skills certificate;
  • Notionally 50 hours’ coaching experience accumulated since the beginning of Professional Coaching Skills (Part I Diploma);
  • An active coaching practice;
  • An ongoing supervision arrangement;
  • A hunger to learn and a commitment to professionalism.


Online Dates for 2024
Dates Begins 9th September, 2024
Facilitator Colin Brett
Platform Via Zoom
Fee £5,750+ VAT (Instalment options available on request.)
Booking To enquire or book your place on the Developing Mastery programme please contact Isy on +44 (0)20 8541 1313 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Language UK English

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