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All the trainers are of exceptional capability; each in their way operated from adult and brought their best. Colin has a wonderful, clean, clear precision in all he does, and beneath it is, for me, a huge generosity of spirit and care for others effective learning.

- Adrian Machon, Coach, GlaxoSmithKline

I would sum up in one sentence – “this is the Rolls Royce of coaching training”! Fabulous training, run by excellent facilitators. This was an extremely well presented and run programme, with an excellent balance of theory, experiential learning and demonstrations. This is coaching in a three dimensional way!  The trainers all bring to the training a wide variety of style and experience. All are unique and serve to demonstrate there is room for the individual. Great balance of theory, illustrated by their demos and the way the exercises were devised. I felt very guided yet encouraged to make my own journey.

- Jane Todd, Psychotherapist

I am a coach of twenty years’ experience. To find such a programme, where I could immerse myself in the fundamentals of my profession has been a great gift. I have refined, finessed and amplified my way of being as a coach. Thank you Coaching Development for the rigour, creativity and expertise you have deployed in developing this superb programme.

- Karen Dean, Coach

I remember the first exercise and mentors stating ‘welcome’ etc. and this programme changed who they are, or words to that effect. My reaction was ‘yeah ok, I am not here to change who I am, I want to be a better coach’, not realising that I could not do one without the other. A rigorous, rich, enjoyable programme full of learning with a diverse mix of delegates. This does much more than develop your coaching capabilities, it invites you to ask who you are as a coach and as a person. Oh, and nice chocolates at the back of the room.

- Chris Gregory, L&D Advisor, Avenues Trust

Learning, learning, learning and more wonderful learning!  This is a course where presence, respect, professionalism and openness are at its core and this is exactly what you get from the trainers.  Throughout my schooling, university, training programmes and courses, I only had two role models before this course. Now I have six!  Through combining the qualities above with a “meta presence”, which makes the course not only extremely useful but also beautiful, the trainers have perfected what teaching is all about for me.

- John Lindberg, Project Manager, Fujitsu Services

Life changing! Extremely holistic experience and learning. The best programme and professional development I have ever experienced….and I’ve been on a few!!  Fun, engaging, challenging, emotional, inspirational, theoretical into practice, deep skills development, deep personal development. The best investment in me! And a transformational experience that I never expected to receive. Simply outstanding!  They walk the talk. Open, encouraging, supportive, questioning, fun and set a standard for ‘real’ training/facilitation expertise. An inspiration to both coaches, trainers and people.

- Maria Anderson, EMEA L&D Manager, Momentum Worldwide

This is a truly excellent programme by which you train to become a very fine coach. However, what I wasn’t quite expecting was the transformation within me. I found the ‘real me’….and you can’t put a price on that. Before I came on the course I read testimonials raving about “it’s the best thing you can do”. I always add a dash of cynicism and scepticism to these types of remarks, believing they originate from the over-excited and massively-keen. However, each and every one of those testimonials was spot on.  This course is the most rewarding, enriching, enlightening and empowering experience a person can have. And the most magical, fizzy, marvellous bubble of mind-blowing, eye-opening learning ever!  I now understand coaching. And I finally understand ‘life’.  And that’s why I’ll now become a truly excellent life coach. 10/10. Highly recommend.

- Nick Hall, Coach 

This programme is all about practical application and learning by doing. It is the place to be if you want to become skilled beyond theory and books. After a 5 months of practice, and refinement, I walk away totally confident that I know how to coach well. The quality of this programme is extremely high and if you want to learn from the best, this is the most inspirational course to sign up to.  Allow yourself to just ‘be’ in the moment. Remove all barriers and leave baggage at the door – the learning experience for me when I did this was so rich and intense… There is no feeling of being taught. Instead a feeling of experience and wisdom being shared.

- Wanda van Gelderen, MD, Amycus UK Ltd

An incredible learning experience.  The programme has been developed in a very clever and effective way.  Learning builds and builds at each step.  It is highly experiential, takes you out of your comfort zone on many occasions, but always to great effect.  The element of personal exploration was new to me but enriched the experience and learning.  I will be a better coach for it.  It has been a life changing experience in so many ways. Very strong trainers.  The programme is superbly designed and delivered.  The trainers hit the balance of professional and open/honest/warm very effectively.  You want to emulate them which is powerful in the learning process.  I trusted them with my desire to coach, and they delivered.  I would love to have more.

- Louise Maycock, L&D Director, IPSOS-MORI

A smooth journey from absolute beginner to competent and trained coach – I cannot speak more highly of this course.

- S. Buley

“For me, this coaching programme was a hugely rewarding experience both professionally and personally. It has given me tools to use in my current role as Learning and Development Manager in a way I would not have seen before the programme. The attention to detail and professionalism of the programme contributors was exemplary. The one-to-one attention and feedback was outstanding.”

- A. Hogan

“This is the best training you or your company will pay for.”

- J. Edwards

“In addition to being the very best coach training programme around, it is also a very meaningful experience personally and professionally. I have encouraged many others to do this programme and all agree it was worthwhile and of great value.”

- P. Kennedy

“Exceptional! This is a highly credible, extremely professional, excellent coach training programme. It is thorough, thought provoking, pragmatic, experiential and challenging - a beautifully crafted developmental experience of the highest calibre.”

- S. Bonneywell

"Deeply knowledgeable, highly-skilled practitioners.  Highly effective facilitators at adult learning, professional, approachable, humble, ethical, generous, nurturing; extraordinary human beings.

- T. Davis