OnlineTransactional Analysis for Teachers

4th September 2024

Is this training for you?

This training has been created specifically with teachers in mind, and teaching assistants, learning support assistants, SENCO's, lecturers, head teachers, tutors, facilitators, instructors and those who work in any teaching capacity would benefit.

It's for you, if you are:

  • Keen to increase engagement, participation and co-operation in your classes
  • Curious about the latest thinking that when the teacher changes, it will invite different behaviour from the student
  • Wondering about how to create the classroom dynamics that are conducive to learning
  • Looking for ways to maintain equilibrium and wellbeing
  • Ready to manage burnout and prioritise self-care

The Relationship between TA and Teaching

Transactional Analysis (TA) offers straight-forward, translatable and powerful frameworks for creating engaged and meaningful learning in the classroom.  This approach engenders discipline and supports behaviour management via effective communication.  For you, as teacher, it deepens self awareness, offering a powerful adjunct to your teaching skillset.


As with all our trainings, there will be opportunity to apply the TA frameworks. Together, we will explore a wide range of TA approaches and their practical application in your work, enhancing your ability to work at deeper and more effective levels for yourself and your students.

Learning themes / modules (+/- 4 hours each)

Module 1 - Communication in the classroom

  • Explore the OK-OK Communication model which takes the foundational Parent, Adult and Child model and brings it alive with a framework for being in charge from an empowering and respectful place with firmness, authority and empathy. It invites the student to respond from a place of co-operation and engagement.
  • Discover how the internal dynamics of the Drama triangle sometimes negatively impact your style of communication.
  • Consider how an internal shift from Drama triangle to Winners circle will move you back to the OK-OK box and invite engaging and creative responses from your students.      

Module 2 - Honouring the self - relational needs and self-care

  • Consider eight basic relational needs and explore how they come alive in a teaching relationship.
  • Explore the model of strokes (units of recognition) and how the quality of appreciation and recognition can support students’ growing self esteem and ability to thrive in the learning environment.
  • Learn and practice self-care techniques drawn from various indigenous cultures and collated by Dr Patricia Kane in the Capacitar approach (

Module 3 - Developmental stages and working styles

  • Explore the model of The Cycle of Development that offers insight into the psychological needs of students at different ages, and the encouragement and affirmations that are supportive at each stage
  • Identify your unique Working Styles and their strengths that support you in a team. Notice when they get overdone as Drivers, and creatively befriend these limiting inner voices a.k.a. Gremlins, to once again step into your present centred power.
  • Begin to integrate the pieces of the TA puzzle so far - opportunities to bring case studies of challenges in the learning environment and review them through a TA lens.

Module 4 - Identify as a teacher / educator

  • Understand the model of I’m OK, You’re OK as the basic inner attitudes we hold and how that impacts all aspects of a system. Get insight into to how to separate the person from their behaviour.
  • Consider your own experience of being at school and the useful and less useful experiences. What from these early experiences might be coming alive in your current role as teacher? Map these experience onto a continuum of learning styles and approaches.
  • Explore a metaphor of the educator as cultivator. Notice how this might be inviting you into a changing identity as a teacher. Reflect on the idea that the beliefs you hold about who you are, impact how you show up in the classroom. Celebrate this through writing a Pantoum.

Your Facilitator

Karen Pratt  PCC, TSTA (E)

Please view Karen's biography on our 'About Us' page.


On completion of the modules you will be presented with our Certificate of Attendance.


Coaching Development is proud to partner with TA Matters in offering this program.


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