Unique journeys to coaching


This page is a celebration and acknowledgement of the varied journeys that our students have taken to becoming a coach. From those who started out with no coaching experience, right through the spectrum to those who had informally coached for some time.

With professional backgrounds as diverse as education, pharmaceuticals, finance, PR, fashion, not for profit, HR, property and law, the list goes on and on... each made their own very personal journey.

Here, some of our students share their coaching stories with you...

Prarthana Rao
'The Mum's Guilt Coach'

I was in a job that was sparking no joy. Waiting for the microwave in the kitchen, I found myself in an unexpected conversation about coaching with a colleague who had trained with Coaching Development and is now a part time coach. In my head I thought coaching was mentoring, telling people what to do and how to do it. How little did I know! She told me about Coaching Development's free Introductory days, I attended and was sold! I knew then that that's what I wanted to learn to do and do it bloody well!

I was completely new to coaching but the team, tutors, mentors and all who assisted us created such an encouraging, empathetic, thought provoking environment. This meant that we could learn through repeated practice and could always come and ask questions. Support in between the modules was always available. They facilitate your learning specifically for the way you learn, with as much or as little experience in coaching that you come with.

I thought I was coming to learn how to coach people and I did learn that; I didn't think I was there to be coached myself. That's where the unveiling of my own personal psyche came about. It was very welcomed and a massive revelation. I've realised how experiencing both sides of the coaching conversation has made me a better coach. It was, at times, a massive emotional rollercoaster in terms of the experience itself. Starting off with surprise then on to “oh, this works”, there's method to this madness then! I recommend it to everyone!

My coaching business reflects where I am in my journey as a mum to a 6-year-old girl. I was made redundant whilst on maternity leave and it completely threw me. I felt penalised for taking time off for my baby and with it came guilt. Through the work I did on the course I realised that it wasn't my guilt to carry. It was orchestrated by society, by the media, by the people around us, by how we are socialised as women to be everything to the child and the family and there is very little left for ourselves. I call myself 'The Mum's Guilt Coach'. We don't have to be everything for everybody at the cost of our own wellbeing. It begins with you. If I sit with guilt, then I'm modelling guilt to my daughter, which I am not prepared to do. My mission is to empower mums to feel safe to prioritise themselves and do away with feelings of not-enoughness.

I find myself living my most intentional life yet. I've given myself permission to be me. As coach, I embody all of me - my flaws, my imperfections, my wisdom, my expertise and my wins. I feel deeply honoured that I get to hold the space for women as they discover cosmic power in fiercely embracing all aspects of themselves and discover their infinite worth in the process. I am grateful to be making a small contribution to something which can have such far reaching impact.

If you want to become a coach, go to Coaching Development. Be prepared for whatever comes your way, you will learn a lot about yourself in the process. Some realisations are welcome and some are unwelcome, it's all data - it's learning what you need to do with that data. Colin talks about making sense of your own jigsaw and it was surprising for me how much of a puzzle my head has been all these years. There's lots of work in becoming a coach but it will be a journey you'll never regret. You'll have the data to transform your life and those that you go on to work with, too. It will be your own completely unique journey; however you develop and nurture it. Embrace it with all the love and passion you have for it. It's changed my life!

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